January 4, 2015

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015


AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA is a platform for African fashion designers to be appreciated and celebrated for the aim to display their creativity and originality to the global market.
AFWN officially announces its second edition AFWN 2015 preparation and call for participation to all Nigerian and African designers who will be displaying alongside with various established African designers.

The 2015 AFRICA FASHION WEEK NIGERIA edition, will be having an open call to all student designers who will be hand-picked to showcase alongside established brands; as our own way of discovering, introducing new creative and innovative designers to add to the populating Africa industry.

AFWN 2015, second edition is scheduled to commence in MAY 2015, Designer/ Exhibitor form is open for submission from December 2014 to 24th Feb 2015. Selected designers showcase will be fully or partly funded by our sponsors.

AFWN is organised by Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) the biggest fashion festival in the UK & Europe for African inspired fashion and owners of the first African concession store on Oxford Street, London.

Interested designers/ Exhibitors should send their request for an application form to info@africafashionweeknigeria.com

For Sponsorship and Media Partnering, email us on info@africafashionweeknigeria.com

Things are shaking up for this season, keep it here for updates.


Dirty laundry

Saturday is the first day to reel from the rigors of a five-day workweek, it's like drawing a slow, conscious and deep breath after panting on a fast treadmill for minutes on end. On Saturdays, Andrea's day is predictable, Milo climbs on her, kisses her to wake, they go for a run at the bayou, one mile away from her home on Lexington avenue. After a three and a half mile run, they return. Milo sits on the balcony watching the children's football practice in the school field across the street while Andrea continues her day in errands, chores around the house, grocery shopping. The act of cleaning is therapeutic and Andrea loves to indulge with all her might, dusting, cleaning, mopping and finally, laundry.  Although she enjoys doing her laundry, she loathes putting her clean clothes away. There are piles of clean laundry in hampers in her closet, which she takes her time putting away in weeks to come.

November 16, 2014

Latest from the stables of author Nkem DenChukwu

She has done it again! It's this author's latest effort—the release of three children's books: Zoe, the second edition, Odera: An Orphan's tale (a collection of life lessons) and Alley-Gators: The bullies of Poughkeepsie. Book signing took place at her home November the 8th. This producer, writer, mother of four knows firsthand what it means to nourish a child's spirit, each book is written with every child in mind, to teach them life lessons in a way that's easy for