25 August 2014

The Latest: Africa Fashion Week Houston

Fashion is not just in New York, Paris and Milan anymore.

It's right here in Houston. Africa Fashion Week Houston just wrapped up at Ayva Center, August 14-16 2014. As usual, it's the pageantry of beautiful fabrics, models and the people that make them. African inspired fashion has rapidly gained momentum on a global scale. Once it started making it's way into the collections of acclaimed designers, there isn't a doubt African designs and print had gained a mainstay.

20 August 2014

You International Achievers Award and Red Carpet

First of its kind happening in the city of owerri.

YOU International Achievers Award (YIA Award 2014) an event of class put together to celebrate outstanding individuals in various sectors. The event will feature a host of Nigerian musicians, actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, models and fashionionistas.

Date: 20th September 2014,
Venue: city Global Hotel owerri.

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Twitter: @itsyoumagazine @youmedia1

YIA Awards 2014.....celebrating success and style!!!

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...It's all about You!!!

14 August 2014

This idea is so Genius!

I really think so.  I'm talking about my recent discoveries: Uber and Lyft.   I swear I must have been living under a rock.  In the same world you and I live in everyday, you'd fit into one of these two categories: folks that wallow in self pity and complain about their lot in life, or those who come up with brilliant ideas and hence, their meal ticket.
Photo credit: Uber
I read an article recently about the legalizing of a ride share system in the city of Houston, this concept would not be new.  Turns out this had been well established in cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston and New York where they operate legally none the less, however, the taxi cab companies in Houston have fought tooth-and-nail against it—till now.

10 August 2014

Basketmouth uncensored.

It's funny man and international sensation Basketmouth in the house at Ayva center, Houston Texas.  The venue was packed with no open seat and little standing room, surprisingly African Time or CPT did not apply here.  That's what happens when you've managed to garner loyal fans.  Basketmouth is welcomed by a rousing audience with roars and cheers to his very hilarious performance, every funny bone was struck.

27 July 2014

Food for thought...

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