March 26, 2012

If you have a ton of Facebook friends you could be a Narcissist...

Are you a Facebook addict?
 A study conducted at Western Illinois University suggests that if:
  • You add friends you don't know and feel the need to update your profile every 10 minutes (the world must know when you decide to take a dump, how that "ish" smells, or what you had for you have 1000 FB friends and only know 150 of them?) 
  •  You tag yourself in other "friends" pictures.  
  •  You are constantly directing your FB friends to "sexy" pictures of yourself.  
  •  You are constantly validating your existence on the "About me" section.  
  •  You constantly promote yourself with no products or talent. 
  •  You feel the need to get constant feedback and be the center of attention. 
  •  You constantly use words such as: "I", "me" on your page.  
  •  You thrive on the attention you get on your page as you crave the need to feel good about yourself.  
You could be a "Socially disruptive" narcissist.  There are two categories: grandiose exhibition (GE) or entitlement/explotiveness (EE).  Studies such as  this one are constantly conducted among Facebook users.  It is of the opinion that Facebook encourages narcissistic behaviors. For more info on this study, you can read all about it here.

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