March 30, 2012

My New iPad (part 5)

Today is an anniversary!  For what? You may ask.  Well it's been 2 weeks since I got my very own iPad 3rd Gen...LOL, "people usually have anniversaries after one year"...I know, I know just thought I celebrate anyway.
That's my Gadget!
 So how are we doing? I'll tell ya.

We have gotten really acquainted.  Still kinda in the honeymoon phase of our relationship.  No I still don't have my suit of armor for this gadget yet (another 2 weeks!...SMH.) I'm kinda tired of waiting (that's what happens when you have to have something unique, you go as far as Hong kong to get it.)  So for now I'm still using my funky case (oh well.)

We also have developed a love-hate relationship for one another.  See I would love to do virtually everything in this gadget; write, edit, load my pics, books, magazines, movies etc.  However, the new iPad has its limitations: a lot of applications are not built to take advantage of the device's Retina display; some app screens are down sized so as to look ok using this device, regardless, pictures are very pixelated and grainy looking (urgh!)  It's like trying to watch HDTV in your old analog t.v. box.  It would take a lot of time in development for app makers though, they merely transitioned to the Retina display of the iPhone 4S, they are still working with the display we currently have with most Android devices. To try to explain this, imagine that your HGTV is 1080i, 1080p, that's 1920x1080 resolution on your big screen (what do you have out there, at least 55"?) Well, the new iPad packs a whooping 2048 x 1536 resolution, that's a million pixels more and 44% greater color saturation, and 3.1 million pixels in the same 9.7-inch space as an iPad 2 (see what I mean?)  It's like condensing your flat screen into almost 3/4 the space of the New iPad (tiny, atomic dots of color in a picture brought together to bring you exceptional looking display, pictures as so vivid, they are almost tangible.) This is stiff competition for the Android market, now they will have to figure out how to create a display greater than an HGTV into their devices, app makers have to try to make their apps more retina display friendly.

Enough on the Retina display stuff though you can always visit and they would tell you all about it.  Issue number 2: this gadget kinda has a mind of it's own, it's a little too sophisticated for a commoner like me, sometimes simple functions are a pain to perform because this device is built to try to assist it's user (sometimes when I want to select, cut and paste, I want to do just that, do you think you can let me do that, without getting sophisticated on me?)
I like that I can use the key board like a PC's
There are no arrow buttons like you have on a regular keyboard, so if you want to highlight a word or letter to edit it, you have to tap on that letter..."Big deal" you might say...Well it is when you can't highlight the word because the cursor insists on highlighting the words above or below that word and you spend close to 2 minutes trying to move the cursor to the right (in this case, wrong) word.

My New iPad (Part 4)

Certain software, like Flash, is not supported on this device, sorry you can't watch that video, you were curious about that only runs with Flash.

My blogging interface - Blogger still has to make their site more iPad friendly.  See, I can't edit this blog once it's posted on here, worse, I can't upload any photos, I have to use my old PC for all that.

Remember I had written earlier that one of my major reasons for getting this device is to be able to read my favorite magazines? I have a lot of subscriptions.  Unfortunately, some magazine companies want you to either pay for two different subscriptions, you subscribe to the tablet edition if you only have the print, or you pay a little more to get both (frugalista like me is not about to play that, if some magazines are allowing you to access the tablet edition when you already have the print, then all the magazines should do the same...that's just stupid!)

Some magazines, like Vogue have already upgraded to the new iPad's retina display (pictures are yummy to look at), downside: that's a lot of space in my little 32" hard drive (up to 1MB!) no joke (making me feel like I should have taken that 64GB after all...hmmm).  I felt for a while that Apple should consider making room for a USB, or some way to be able to attach an external HD.  But with iCloud and Dropbox, that probably won't be necessary.

Have a happy day!

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