March 28, 2012

New York, L.A, London, Paris, Milan and now...Lagos?

That's right!  The trailblazers in the motherland, Nigeria in particular, are making strides to put themselves on the map.  This might be a third-world country, but it's hard to know that when great, talented and ever so creative individuals are breaking the mold.

Lagos Fashion week hosted by Arise, Africa's global style magazine, brought out talented designers across the continent and international media and buyers.  It gave aspiring African designers opportunity to put themselves on the map. Interestingly, models were scouted off the Lagos streets to do some part of this show...impressive.   And despite what had become a stereotype of Africans: being fashionably late to everything, including their own funeral, well in this case, power outages that delayed the show two days, the event was a huge success.  The show also included international designers that showcased their collections proudly and international supermodels.
Lagos had long been Nigeria's bustling capital compared to New York, and women there dress to the nines, you can't go to Lagos looking any kind of way or you'd be put to shame as you didn't check your outfit properly in the mirror before leaving the house.  As Penny McDonald, Arise Fashion week organizer puts it: "Lagos women... they dress like no other. They love haute couture. They look the part, they get fashion."  It's about time Nigeria becomes part of the culture of fashion.  Nigeria still has a long way to go, but it's citizens are determined to be known for more than people hat come from a country with corrupt economy and that is crime ridden.  Nigerian citizens continue to put their names on the map.  I'll go on to tell you about international sensations/that hail from Nigeria, but that would be for another blog... 

 Stay reading!

AMFW was scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria March 6- 11 2012.  More information on AMFW is available at

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