March 18, 2012

Summer's Day Out.

So my boyfriend and I were having a Summer's day out in the middle of March.  The weather was unbelievable (like it has been for a few days now, I swear I have no idea what's happening these days, blame the ozone layer...whatever).  It was a good day for walking, so we walked the streets of DC.  We started at the funky boheiman neighborhood of U street, stopping and having a meal at Busboys and Poets, one of my favorite restaurants.

We walked, shopped, ate.  My boyfriend was really enjoying taking shots of me (it was like a supermodel and her personal photographer, except I don't fell nearly good enough).  In our little day's venture, we ended up in Meridian Park (formerly known as the Malcolm X Park).  We were still taking pictures when I heard rich cultural beats coming from the top of the park.  At first I thought there was some kind of African cultural event they were using the park for.  I eventually found out that it was indeed the neighborhood that put together the dance ensemble and they come out to that park on every good-weather Sunday.
The way the park was built, there were a few levels and adjoining slab-like staircases.  At each level of the park was beautiful gardens, tress, sculptures and fountains. At first we settled in the garden on the lower-level, the music I heard was coming from the top.  We climbed a long flight of stairs to reach the top and there they were; drummers, dancers, guitarists and the like, I learned it was a BYOE (bring your own equipment) and participate type event organized by the community.  I took a seat in the corner at a distance, pulled out my iPad and started writing. While I reveled at the scenery, my boyfriend showed me a number of people in a choreographed african dance number, dancing to the rich Afro-beats, everyone present seemed to be having fun, dancers and bystanders alike, it was pretty amazing, stuff like this one do exist and you will only experience them if you get out of the house, I mean what if I had chosen to remain in doors all day?
You've got to enjoy your life and make sure to live your life to the fullest and with fulfillment.


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