March 21, 2012

The Drum Circle.

Last Sunday, I talked about how I randomly ran into a group of drummers and dancers that was nothing short of amazing.  Well it turns out they have been around for 40 years!  Traditionally called the Drum Circle, musicians all around DC come together on any given "good weather" Sunday at the Meridian Hill Park and pull out their instruments and begin playing rich African tunes.  Soon after, dancers follow.  Dancers can either be experienced or brand new, everyone's welcome.

This event goes on from about 3-9pm.  The experience is bananas! (of course you have to be into the Bohemian, hippie stuff).  This event attracted all kinds of people, we're talking from the preppy, the hippie, the conservative, young, old, etc.  I wouldn't mind coming to a place like this every Sunday, it's awesome.

My first experience at the Drum Circle.

For more info on DC's Drum Circle, read all about it here.

Images: Alias Bruce:,
Malcom X Drum Circle dancers courtesy of alex.DC:, Fun (free) Things to do in Washington DC: Drum Circle courtesy of Devon at The Feasting Phoenix:

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