April 5, 2012

Ever wondered what a million pictures look like?

I'm drowning!  Erik Kessels' exhibit at Foam

That's how...

At the Foam museum, an artist named Erik Kessels created an exhibit with? You guessed it, 1 million pictures uploaded to Flickr in a 24 hour period...that's a lot of photos (that's also an understatement.)

Now I take a lot of pictures, I always have, I did even when digital cameras wasn't common.  Let's just say I have spent a lot developing films in my lifetime...LOL.  I love photography. I took one photography class in college and was hooked ever since.  My favorite are black and white photos.  I still love the quality of photos a 35mm SLR film camera can produce, if you are into photography, you'd appreciate why I said that. However, I know I'm not the only one that likes to take pictures (I mean obviously.)  Imagine the amount of pictures uploaded to all the social networking websites in a day (this is just Flickr!)

Another point to this is the fact that these pictures are a combination of public and private, so if you have ever posted that picture you wish to be private or could disappear, maybe it isn't and it didn't.

The exhibit is at the Foam photography museum in Amsterdam.  You happen to make it out there, try to swing by and tell me what it's like.  Kessels created this exhibit by printing all the pictures uploaded on Flicker in 24 hrs (I can imagine the painstaking task involved in that.)  The gallery is celebrating their 10th anniversary with the feature "What's next?" exploring the future of photography.
It's an avalanche!

 Now if you do make it to this exhibit, don't be surprised if your picture is in there...

 Just a warning.

  Photo credit: Foam All about photography museum.


  1. Pictures will always be apart of the world, its needed to understand the past as well as understand where we're going.


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