April 16, 2012

On this day I do dare.

 This past weekend I was hanging out in the city.  A lot of times I prefer to do stuff that's simple, but a lot of fun, like going to the museum, shooting nature, going to the zoo, enjoying the ambience of a nice coffee shop where I get to sip my lattes and write.  My boyfriend, the photographer enjoys shooting me while we hang out.  So sometimes it's a two-for, hanging out and doing a photo-shoot.  So as usual, it's the model with her photographer in tow.
 On this particular day I decided to wear something a little daring.  It's not all the time that I get in this kind of mood.  My fashion sense is not always defined; sometimes, it's edgy, eclectic, bohemian, simply sophisticated, it varies.  I also would describe my fashion sense as a little out-of-the-box, I like to try pieces that are unusual, however, I also like to keep things very simple; I prefer simple accessories, usually one focus piece, a lot of times I default to my big pair of glasses, or gigantic ring that could probably knock your brains out.  I couldn't tell you how many accessories I have collected that ended up collecting dust. I get a lot of inspiration from fashion shows, magazines and celebrities who aren't afraid to be daring. 
 This is Washington DC - The Nations Capital, a district full of politicians and conservatives.  On the flip side, the population is gradually becoming a mixed bag; different cultures and the Bohemian generation.  I lived in New York City for many years and the New York City girl in me still lives on.  The weather had been unpredictable; warm temperatures that turns frigid by early evening.  But on this day it was exceptionally warm, like early Summer, but I ain't getting fooled. 
 We like to explore the city, discover new spots, enjoy good food.  This town might be small but it's full of hidden gems.  I like being here and enjoying what this town has to offer. 
 My outfit is a mix of edgy and feminine, keeping in mind the unpredictable weather.  It was fun hanging out as one of my alter egos.

 Get out there, live and have fun my friends.
Top: PapayaShorts: ZaraTights: Betsy JohnsonBag and Booties: Steve MaddenGloves: Bebe.


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