April 11, 2012

Penny for your thoughts

"Penny for your thoughts" at the American History Museum.

 Should we keep the penny?

Well, according to the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian, here are the reasons to keep (or dump) the little copper coin:

  •  More Nickels would be needed, and each one costs more than five cents to make.  
  • Pennies are great for charities: The statue of Liberty was funded with a Penny drive. 
  • Getting rid of pennies could lead to higher costs as retailers round up prices. 

  • Pennies cost more than a penny to make.
  • The penny is obsolete: inflation has made the penny almost valueless.  
  • Many pennies are kept in jars, lost, or thrown away. 
Looks like 50/50.
If you happen to drop by the Museum of American history this Summer at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, drop a penny for your thoughts, or better yet, drop your thoughts here, they are always welcome...

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