April 19, 2012

Pippa Middleton in a "Smirking Gun"

Pippa and friends having fun with the paparazzi.

On the heels of what we now know of Trayvon Martin; all the violence happening all over the world for that matter, Pippa Middleton is caught in the middle of a "Smirking gun" according to UK's The Sun.

Middleton—the Dutchess of Cambrige's little sis' has been the object of the media since her famous "badonkadonks" were made famous after she showcased them for the world to see in her bridesmaid dress. Approximately 400 pictures of her surface daily in the tabloids (she is certainly the center of attention). Pippa was photographed amongst her friends in an Audi convertible while in France, a place with a slew of reported gun violence; while the driver pointed what looked like a handgun at the paparazzi.  Pippa obviously found it funny. They are claiming the gun is fake.  Pippa stands to do serious jail time if found guilty of being aware her party had a gun; seven years if gun is real and two if fake. 
It must be fun to be rich and famous.
Question is will she see the walls of a jail cell at all? Is she responsible for her party's actions? Some say they were simply trying to scare the paparazzi with a fake handgun, is that a good judgement call? In the U.S.A, all a poor little boy had to do was look "suspicious" in a hooded sweatshirt and he's gunned down. If the rest of us "commoners" ever tried a thing like that we would, without question be thrown in jail and the key thrown away.
Some say Pippa had become a royal wild card, she's definitely tainted royal standards, wonder if the queen would find it funny.
That's the world we live where Injustice continues to prevail. Stay well and of good behavior my friends.

Images courtesy of folks at The Sun, UK.

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