May 27, 2012


This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to experience artistic expression in different forms.  Artomatic is a cultural fest in the DC metro area featuring artists from all over the region (1300 in counting), from different backgrounds and experiences, just expressing themselves...through 10 floors, 380,000 sq. ft, in an empty building in Crystal, city, VA.
It's the perfect artists playground. The festival features a wide variety of paintings, sculptures, photography. There are also scheduled performances in theatre, music, dance, as well as workshops.  The event is open to everyone, now through June 23rd.
 FYI: Be sure to move swiftly or be stuck on one floor for hours (yes, it's that much art!)  There's no way to complete all in one day.  It makes sense to have it all month long.
                                                             Info about the event here

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