May 12, 2012

The very Subject of Attachment Parenting.

Jamie Lynne Grumet: a 26 year old mother in LA photographed with her son, Aram who still breastfeeds and is almost 4. 
Is something wrong with this Picture?
Time Magazine recently ran an article regarding attachment parenting with a picture of a young woman in L.A who breastfeeds her much older toddler. Jamie Lynnne Grumet, the mother says that she was breastfed until she weaned herself off at age six. She's an advocate for attachment parenting and wants everyone to see this picture and more like it and be comfortable with it. 

We live in a society where everything is easily sexualized and perverted, breasts are viewed mainly as sexual objects. In many other societies, mothers are known to breastfeed their children in toodlerhood. World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding children until at least the age of two, many other organizations that advocate for children all recommend breastfeeding, considering it's benefits in a child's development. Coined "attachment parenting," some parents don't want to be associated with that stigma. 

With the many known benefits of breastfeeding, why the stigma? Why are parents still breastfeeding in such low numbers (some 15% do it exclusively till six months according to Discovery News article, while 44% do in combination with other feeding.) This Times article certainly raised some does it make you feel. How old is too old to breastfeed a child?

Jump to the article and many more on the subject here.

Jamie Lynn Grumet's Q&A


  1. This article seems to be quite interesting! And I adore the cover picture, actually really funny !


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