June 15, 2012

It's coming! it's coming!!

Now what in the world am I talking about?

IOS 6 of course! This fall.
iOS 6, finally coming with much needed updates
Apple have finally revealed the details most iFans have been eagerly anticipating.  There are great new updates.

 For most of us iOS users, we have wished for a few things that we think would make our mobile devices just that much better.  I'm excited to anticipate the following updates:

  • Apple Maps: now if you have been following the trends on everything Apple, you already know that Google and Apple have what we call a love-hate relationship.  When Google is trying to remain notable in cyber world, dominating their own niche on cyberspace and building their own brand of mobile electronics, it's kinda hard to want to work with the competition.  Apple iPad and iPhone users have long wished google maps would have turn-by-turn navigation, making navigating those unfamiliar neighborhoods much easier.  Well with the upgrade to iOS 6, that will come standard in a brand new and revolutionized maps app Apple has finally decided to build.
  • How about Siri: she'd be able to do more. Now she speaks more languages, can update your Facebook wall and twitter, launch apps, tell you movie and neigbourhood resturant reviews, search for movies and tickets to that concert you'd been wanting to go to, she can even tell you the latest game scores. Certainly, these are improvements, but better than that, it's coming to the New iPad (now I can't wait to see that.)
  • FaceTime: Initially, I wasn't pleased with the fact that I can only use FaceTime on Wifi, considering the fact that I'm mostly mobile, I wondered why Apple put such limitations on FaceTime, so I certainly am glad that bug is fixed.  Now I can use FaceTime on my cellular network (finally!) 
  • Passbook:  now I'm not sure how useful this would be to me (yet,) but its nice to know there's an app that stores all your gift cards, store cards, flight tickets, shows and movie tickets all in one place, all integrated into calendar, so you get reminders of upcoming shows, boarding times and changes, all from this app.  Already, I enjoy the fact that apps for airlines and Amtrak are integrated into calendar, so when I book my itinerary, it puts it on my calendar and sets my reminders for me...(maybe i'd use it after all...LOL.) 
  • Shared Photostream: as the name implies, you are not just making your photos available to all your devices at the same time, now you can also make it available on your friends', kinda like Facebook or Instagram of sorts, your friends can even comment or "Like" the photos streamed to them. 
  • Calls to your phone:  Now this is certainly great a feature, the ability to set a "Do Not Disturb" on your phone so those pesky telemarketers or creditors would not reach you at an inopportune time, or you simply don't want to take calls at certain times of the day, you can set that all up.  You can also set your phone to receive calls from certain people, or before you actually answer a call, you now have the option to send a text instead or set a reminder to check back on that call if you can't pick up. 
 These are some of the changes headed our way iOS users.  For more info, check here.

Images courtesy of www.pcauthority.com.au and dailymail.co.uk

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