June 21, 2012

The New iPad Killer is here!

Microsoft recently released their long awaited revolutionary tablet.  The Surface is supposed to be the hybrid between the laptop and the tablet.  Comes in two versions: Windows RT (more like a traditional tablet) and Windows 8 Pro (comes standard with Windows 8 and the true Hybrid.)  Both boasts 2 USB 2 ports, the RT with a micro SD Port, and a Micro HD video port while the Pro version has a micro SDXC port and a Mini Display port.
Surface from Microsoft has a 10.6 inch screen 16: 9 HD screen made of Gorilla glass. The RT version is 9.3 mm thin, while the Pro is 13.5mm thin.

The Touch Cover, like iPad's Smart Cover, protects the screen and attaches to the device with the built in side magnet.  The difference however (and this would please die-hard Microsoft Windows fans) is the 3mm engineered keyboard built in with trackpad, so it's not just your ordinary cover, even a girl like me is impressed by the color options the Touch Cover offers.  Let me not forget the built in Kickstand.  So essentially, there won't be a need to purchase an optional case since all is built in.  A stylus is also complimentary with the Pro.

Microsoft will serve up the RT in 32GB and 64GB, the Pro will come in 64GB and 128GB.  With Pricing yet to be announced Microsoft promises to keep it competitive.

Many fans are pleased with this latest gadget.  It's being dubbed the iPad killer, some argue it's more like the Android killer, features aren't just innovative enough to blow the New iPad out of the water.  Laptop replacement? Just don't think so; limited hard drive space.  While the screen is HD it doesn't quite compare to iPad's Retina Display, but it's quite nice to look at.  There's speculation that it would cost more than the traditional Windows Laptop.  Some believe that to make the Surface competitive, it needs to cost less than the iPad.

Will you be buying the new Microsoft Windows Surface?

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Comparisons between the Surface and the New iPad .
The New Microsoft Surface has built in Kickstand and Touch Cover with built in 3mm keyboard.

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