June 20, 2012

Young listeners opt not to own music - CNN

I was reading an article on CNN the other day.  I have Pandora, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud , Shazam on my iPhone and iPad, I enjoy streaming my music. I also love to be able to look up the artist to the songs I discover and in turn, discover more songs. 
It is of the opinion that streaming music is killing music as we know it.  As more young people opt to stream free music rather than buy, the question becomes: "How do artists profit?"
Shazam App.

This is a long standing discussion, debate that have equal opposing sides. Some argue that young people are at a disadvantage since they rather stream free music than buy it. They believe that eventually there won't be (good) music to listen to as artists that don't get paid would simply stop making new music.

Others argue that real artists want their music streamed, that way their music would be discovered and appreciated better than having it managed by record labels, who are the ones profiting from music sales in the first place.

When it comes to owning music, it is still of popular opinion that the majority of people still like to own a copy of music from their favorite artists or albums that they appreciate, providing it's what they would consider quality music. Vinyl sales are on the rise. There's an amount of sentiment attached to owning physical CDs, part of it has to do with being able to own the artwork and read the lithography, which makes them feel closer to the artist. For people who'd prefer owning Vinyl, it's more than just the music itself, it's the whole experience of going to an actual record store and being in that environment.
Some believe only "crappy" music should be streamed, while some argue that streaming music is helpful in discovering music that the radios wouldn't otherwise play because it's not on the main stream, artists make more money on tours and merchandise than they do on record sales, music fans support the artists more when they go to concerts and buy their merchandise. 
Applications like Pandora , Spotify , Shazam , 8tracks, iHeart radio, allow you to customize playlists based on your musical tastes. Some charge a monthly premium for their service, while some inject commercials in their streaming or allot a certain amount of music that can be streamed per month. Somehow there's revenue generated through this means.

What's your take on music streaming?

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