July 2, 2012

Reflective Moments — Frustration

Ever been frustrated?  We all have.  

We all have aspects of life that make us tick.  For me is life's little unexpected (and unpleasant) curveballs, people that you swear they must have had a nightmare last night and you were it. Ever been to the DMV?

The other day I had to go and get a drug screen for my next job assignment.  You know when you work for a boss that his office is outside your home state, and they want you to complete a task, they want it completed like yesterday—like your life depended on it, or they'll be on the phone constantly until it's done (there's no breathing room—frustrating!)  I'm sent to complete a drug screen way across town.  Amongst many other errands I have that day, I called ahead to make sure the office they sent me did indeed do drug screens and to find out their operating hours.  The snappy and rude staff on the other line tells me abruptly, "we are open from 9-5" click!  So as I make it all the way to the office, a nonchalant staff at the desk (certain it was the same girl over the phone) tells me the drug screen machine is broken and would be for a while.  Really? She couldn't have said that on the phone? 

I'm at Chipotle on Gallery place on 7th street in Washington DC.  For those familiar with this particular location, you know how long of a wait it is to finally make it to the counter to other your food.  I make it to the front to place my order and had to be served by three people, they were moving swiftly and one could understand why.  However, they lacked in the listening department.  I had no problems with the first two servers, they got my order right: white rice, black beans, fajita veggies, steak, all three salsas and corn.  The third server had to put the final toppings: cheese and lettuce.  She put the cheese, as she was about to heap a mound of guacamole on my dish, I had to yell (yes yell) for her to stop.  She still didn't, because, she hardly looked at me as she served, so didn't hear me.  I just stared in bewilderment.  By the time they all realized what she had done, the second server scooped out the guacamole from my dish with her hands and plopped it into the garbage can nearby and then they continued like nothing happened.  I stared at them in disbelief, then turned around to the first server and requested another bowl, which in turn frustrated the customer behind me as she had to wait (again) for me to be served.  As I made it again toward the third server the first two were being attentive this time.  However, the third server stared at me and asked if the first bowl wasn't mine, I told her that the second bowl was mine and the first wasn't.  For one thing, I wasn't about to turn into a hungry and angry lady and cause a spectacle; I did what I could to hide my disgust and the fact that the location was too crowded for comfort.  The third server rolled her eyes, like I had wasted her time and said "Oh so you didn't want this one?"  She was forced to dump that bowl in the garbage.  Not only was I frustrated; I was irritated.
I get frustrated easily when plans don't go as planned (ah...life's little curve balls.)  I'm a very focused person.  On any given day, I sort of make a bulleted list of to-dos in my head, my day would have been accomplished if I manage to get through my list, and less accomplished if I don't.  This process can be flawed sometimes.  If I forget to include a task (however important it is) into the list in my head, chances are I won't get them done.  Sometimes it's ok and I can do them tomorrow, it is however a problem if it's a crucial task.  I tend to be focused like a man would be, having a mapped out plan or routine I use to get through all my tasks, if I'm thrown a curve ball, then my plan is scattered and I have to readjust to accommodate the person or thing that disorganized my plans, and when my to-do list is only in my head, I risk forgetting to complete a task.  I can't tell you the many times I'd attempted to make a habit of writing things down in a list that I could refer back to and simply never stuck with that method.  However, I've been better with doing them now with my gadgets with me everywhere I go.  I utilize my calendar, reminders and notepad, when it's time to complete a task I get a reminder alert.

What makes you tick?  
Images: crying baby from eduguide, frustrated image from twetme, one of my own.

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