July 28, 2012

Reflective Moments — Senseless.

James Holmes in the courtroom courtesy of The Telegraph, UK.
In the wake of recent developments and trending stories of one lunatic in Colorado who decided to take it upon himself and take innocent lives in a movie theater, I can't help but wonder:

How debasing have human beings gotten?
Sure this is the biblical end of times, but are we evolving into monsters and human impostors without a shred of conscience?  How rapidly is this occurring? How are humans influenced to violence?  Is the difference between right and wrong now a grey area, up to anyone's interpretation?  Do morals still exist? How is the younger generation being raised?  How does random real life act of violence make any sense?  How long will this continue to happen?

Is James Holmes a human being?
The jury is still out on that opinion.  Even watching him in the courtroom, it was clear he was oblivious.  Can he be a human being if he doesn't have a conscience?  How can he possibly explain himself?  Lets see: "To all the friends and families of people whose blood is in my hands: I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am, really.  If I could take it back..., if I could give my life to bring your loved ones back..."  Sadly, that would be a start if he had a conscience, which makes him kinda human, but what are the chances with this human impostor?

What motivates anyone to conjure up thoughts that are inhumane?
Supposedly this lunatic planned this attack months ahead of time, ruminating on the idea, calculating, recalculating, knowing that one day, his plans will come to pass.  He calculated a mass murder, question is why?  What has happened to this young man?  How bad was it that only human beings would suffice to sacrifice?  On what planet was he born and raised?  What screw on his brain was loose? What planet recently docked their jet-ship out in the woods in the middle of the night and recently dropped this one off with the mission to annihilate human beings?

How many "James Holmes" do we still have out there?
Certainly, this is not the first random act of violence by human impostors without a conscience.  Is there a GPS tracking system for these people to track every move they make, better yet a "Shootometer" that alerts us when it goes from green to red, when they are ready to strike?

Are humans safe?
Last time I checked, the movie theater was a place of solace, comfort, a place where for a moment you temporary live in the land of fantasy, you live vicariously through the characters in the movie, where you come out a changed person; rejuvenated, inspired and motivated (or scared shitless, in my case with horror flicks).  Am I supposed to now worry every time I hear a loud thud or pop that this might be real and duck for a bullet?  Isn't there enough violence in the world?  I've always been admonished by my elders and loved ones to be safe.  "Don't roam the streets alone at night,"
"Always let people know where you are," I'm sure everyone of the 12 now dead took some kind of precautionary safety measure, how did any of that protect them?  We are not safe anywhere; not in our homes, not outside; not in the streets of the ghetto, or the million dollar mansion surrounded by tight security in the secluded neighborhood.  I know of a friend whose home was recently raided by a loved one, whom she broke up with. She ended up installing cameras in her home.  Then shortly after that incident, another is lucky to be alive today because he wasn't home when his family members met their untimely death due to a domestic dispute; that day a grandmother, a mother and a young child lost their lives and the shooter was gunned down while being apprehended by the police.  Sure you can try to protect yourself from outside perpetrators, but how do you protect yourself from inside perpetrators, ones that know you intimately?

What is really up with the world today? I would really like to know. The unfolding events on that fateful day in colorado continue to be senseless and conjure emotions of anger and furor.  My heart really goes out to all affected by this senselessness.  On that day a son, daughter, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, uncle aunt, a soldier, student, etc was lost.  A valuable contributor to this life was lost, because of some random act of a human impostor.  How do we treat human impostors?  How do we regard James Holmes?
Colorado Shooting victims: 12 dead and 58 wounded; including a 6 year old, three men that took the bullet for their girlfriends, and aspiring sportscaster.  RIP.  Image courtesy of the Daily News, NY.

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  1. Oh my God.Wat is dis world turning into.How can u human being be dat cruel.Lydia Uwandu


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