September 5, 2012

My interview with Karen

Posing with Karen and Preetika.  
M: How do you choose your artists?
K: We are really particular about the artists that we hire, because we wanna make sure not only are they good artists, but they have to have great people skills and be able to, you know command a group of people and make a situation where everybody can just have fun and, you know, that's what it's really all about, just having fun, in a social, it's more of an entertainment thing and the art experience, you know it's all of that woven in together.

M: So how did you get started with Pinot's Palette?
K: Well I lived in the Montrose area, which is our artsy area here in Houston and I was trying to become a full time artist and you know, leave my day job and I found some fliers that they were handing out when they were first getting started. They did a bunch of grassroots marketing and handed out fliers and I came across one and I said "oh my gosh this sounds like it's perfect for me" and I bugged the H*** out of the owners and said "hey I can do this, I'm an artist" and they were like "Yeah great!" So from almost the very beginning, I was part of opening this location and getting it started and so that's how we came together.
M: What did you do before this?
K: Well I mean actually, I still did art, but I was in the cooperate world for like 25 years and I was in the process of getting out of that; my process of like making a living full-time doing art, like trying to sell my art full time and make a living at it and this has really helped me like stabilize that whole situation, because now it's not as important to me, ah you know "oh my gosh am I gonna like sell paintings this month or am I not?" Cause you never know as an artist if that's gonna happen. So now this allows me the stability to like really not be stressed out about, you know "hey if I sell 3 or 4 or 5 paintings, that's great; if I sell 0 paintings, that's ok too because I have this as my stability job." Yeah.

M: So do you have any exhibits?
K: I do! I exhibit around town, I have a studio over in the heights area of town, and I'm getting ready for like two shows coming up in November…so yeah!

M: What's the name of the show?
K: I'm doing the Houston Art Crawl in November, which is a big deal.

M: I've heard of it.
K: Yeah, it's Downtown, like several different galleries. I participate in the art crawl. I'm doing a show at the Winter Street Galleries & Studios.

M: I've heard of them, actually, that's one of the studios I plan to visit, but they are not having anything this weekend so...but I'm going to First Saturdays, are you gonna be there?
K: No because I'm actually teaching a class here. I'm usually really busy on the weekends with Pinot's Palette so I don't participate in First Saturdays, but I've gone several times and it's great. There are two different First saturdays; there's a First Saturday Arts market in the heights and also there is a First Saturdays Art open studios at Winter Street. So there's kinda two First Saturdays that are great to go to. If you're gonna be around you should check them out.
We all posed for a group photo-up for the website.
M: I'm actually checking out the one on 19th Street.
K: Yeah, that's the First Saturdays Art market, yeah that's a really good one…yeah definitely. It's been great meeting you!

M: It's been great meeting you! I'm tapping into my 'artistic' side and um...I mean why not?
K: Absolutely!

M: I love this, I love this, this is very...I mean, as stressed out as I was getting here cause you know I don't know this place very well and I had to figure my way out here…as soon as I got here and sat down to that canvas…
K: Hey, I know…

M: It felt wonderful.
K: it's great therapy, it is.

Are you an artist or art lover? Could this be your scene? Want Pinot's Palette in your town? Find out about franchising information here.

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