May 27, 2013

Sex and the city bliss.

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This is the story of a girl who's in love with Sex and the city.

I bought a box set of Sex and the city, the complete series from Target recently.  This purchase was not planned, at least it wasn't part of my shopping list.  However, I've wanted this for a mighty long while but have been hesitant to buy because, like every successful show series, it was still on high demand and expensive.  For some reason, paying at least $129.99 for a set of DVDs is not something I've brought myself to do.  There are just some expenditures I don't.  But lo and behold, in the DVD isle, there it was: "Sex and the city, the complete series" on sale.  I don't remember any other time I've been able to see this particular set of DVDs for $89.99 (maybe it's still expensive I eventually thought, especially when you include the sales tax, but that's probably the best I'd get), not online, not in the stores.  I'm in love with the franchise.  It's funny, because I didn't watch this show when it was hot on HBO and every mature adult's guilty pleasure.  Partly because the the censured young adult in me thought it was too grown up for my taste, the other, it was against my religion.  But everyone raved about it at the time, part of me have always been intrigued.

My first experience with this franchise was 2008.  The movie was out in theaters.  I watched it with a group of friends on a girls night.  I remember telling myself then that I would check out the show.
In 2010, there I was in a public library, in the media isle, the whole series was available for rent.  I thought: what other time is better than now (almost 10 years later) to watch this show? I rented the collection one season after the other—I was hooked!  It took every waking hour, for two weeks and I was completely caught up with the rest of its fans.  I decided it wasn't good enough to just watch it once, it was a gem worth keeping.  I imagined the day I'd finally obtain my very own copy of a show that centered around the lives of 4 independent women living in New York City—as much a character in the show as Mr. Big.

So, I was delighted to finally have my own.  The box set was a fancy package—book pictorials with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and their leading men page-by-page.  The hard cover was purple velvet and silver engravings.  Page-by-page, you learned a little about each episode and season, with that season's DVD shelved in a page of its own.  The whole book had a plastic sleeve to protect the velvet exterior.

I plugged in one DVD after another, to my dismay, I kept getting an error message on my computer: "Skipping over damaged area."  I missed four episodes—they simply wouldn't play.  Thoroughly annoyed and frustrated.  I decided it was time to "return, return, return!"  It had been four weeks, I checked the sales receipt, I had 90 days to get my money back.  I was already in mid-season two.

So eager to continue uninterrupted and couldn't wait to return them and get a new set, I decided to go the digital route.  Sold separately and not together on iTunes, each season was $14.99.  At first I thought I would prefer to buy as a set, but the more I thought about it, all together would amount to $115 and there's no sales tax.  At the end of the day, they equally add up.  I began downloading.

There's another advantage: not having to get up each and every time to click on a new episode or switch DVDs in the drive and then manually operate the controls on the computer.  Since it's from iTunes, I could use Apple remote on my iPad or iPhone and operate without moving my position at all (I totally didn't think about that).

Now, I own the two movie sequels as well as the complete series.  I would not be having a dull moment anytime soon.
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