June 3, 2013

Diner confidential.

Photo credit: Will Hastings
Inspired by a true story, all names have been changed.

One bright and hopeful morning, Andrea goes into a diner with her friend.  As they arrive, they are met by a hostess who ushers them to a booth where they'll be served, gives them a menu.  A cheery waitress approaches the table.
"How y'all doin' today? My name is Mary and I'll be serving y'all this morning.  Can I getchu somethin' to drank?"  She pulls up a paper pad and pen from her waist pack.
Andrea is still looking at the menu, looks up at the waitress, smiles. "Give me a few more minutes."
"I'm ready to order.  I'll have the biscuits and gravy and some hot coffee, sugar and cream." Marlene, her friend tells the waitress as she hands the menu over.
Andrea continues to study the menu. "I'll start with some hot tea.  I'll have some pecan waffles, Philly cheesesteak omelette, sausage and hash browns.  With my meal, I'll have the Strawberry Mango chiller and some water." She hands her menu back to the witness.
The cheery waitress continues to smile while she notes the orders. "Aulright, would that be all for ya?  Coming right up!" She swiftly walks away to the back.

Fifteen minutes later, busboy comes out with the two women's entrees, sets them on the table.  Marlene gets her coffee as ordered, no hot tea.
"I ordered some hot tea a while ago, can I get that please?"
The busboy looks at Andrea like he'd just encountered a red fox in the middle of summer. "Okay? I'll go and check on that for you."
 She observes as the busboy walks towards the back.  The waitress walks by with a pot of coffee and coffee cups to other guests in the diner.  She carries on with her cheery self, writing orders on her paper pad, nodding at intervals.  She swiftly walks away from the guests, moves towards the women, before she could by-pass her, she waves for her attention.
"Every thang okay ladies?" Her voice is up an octave as she stops to look at the two women.
"I still don't have my hot tea."
"Oh I'm sorry 'bout that ma'am.  She's getting that for you in a minute.  It'll be just a minute."  She quickly walks away before Andrea could get another word in.

Another 5 minutes and no hot tea in sight, Andrea is staring into her entree.  She intended to drink the tea and finish in time for the entree to arrive.  But there she was, cold food and no hot tea.  Clearly irritated, she watches as the waitress walks by, yet again to another customer.  This time, she goes outside to the patrons sitting in the patio.  As she switches by, Andrea calls her attention.
"I'm still waiting for my hot tea.  I should've gotten that a while ago."
"Listen, it's been a really busy morning! I have a lot of customers!  It will be just a minute! You gonna have to wait!  I will get you your hot tea in just a minute ma'am.  Now do you still want the hot tea? With her usual drawl gone, the waitress stares red faced at her.
It took a full minute for Andrea to recover from a ton of bricks thrown at her.  She glares at the waitress and considers her for a moment.
"I'll like the hot tea please" she snapped.
"You still want it?"
"Yes please."
Waitress leaves the table.  Andrea looks across the table to her friend, who regards her but says nothing.
Moments later, the waitress returns with a hot pot of water and a basket with assortment of tea bags: Green tea, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Lemon green, Pomegranate Delight, Chai hazelnut.
"Here's your hot tea ma'am, please take as much as you like―I'm really sorry about earlier, I really didn't mean it."
Andrea didn't want to hear another word, she was still reeling from their exchange earlier.  She picks up a bag of green tea. "One is okay."
"How's your food?"
"Good, thank you."
"Auright, let me know if I can git you any thang else."
Andrea watches as she walks away, she looks across the table to Marlene who regards her and laughs as she continues with her meal.

More than halfway into her meal, she realizes they didn't serve the Strawberry Mango chiller.  She decided against reordering it since she was almost done and just finished verbal Wrestlemania with the waitress.
"I gist wanted you to try this Strawberry Mango chiller, it's on tha' house.  I really apologize about my behavior earlier, I really feel bad" the waitress drawls as she leaves a tall glass of frozen drink on the table.
"Aww that's sweet, thank you!"
"I'm really sorry."
"I understand pressure, it's okay."

Andrea left the diner with her friend a satisfied customer with a free drink.

Thanks for reading.
I appreciate you.

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