July 3, 2013

Nigerian Reunion 2013

I'm honored to be part of this year's Nigerian Reunion taking place July 3rd-7th 2013 in Houston, Texas.

Each year, this event attracts Nigerians from all over the American continent and abroad.  On this occasion, you'd probably run into folks from London, Dubai, Australia.  Nigerians who can afford the trip will make it all the way here to attend this event.  The NRC organization have been working together to unite Nigerians all over the globe, with the goal of enlightenment and strengthening of the Nigeria and it's Diaspora.  Although this is a Nigerian cultural event, everyone is welcome.

You are invited to come and be part of a rich culture and pageantry; with people whose history and heritage transcends an entire globe.  Nigeria has made a name for herself on an international platform; Chinua Achebe, Fela kuti, Sade Adu, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Onyeka Onwenu, D'Banji are just a few of her children.  There's this saying, "name a community on earth and I will tell you how many Nigerians live there."  We are everywhere, and wherever we are, we bring our rich culture with us.  

Talent line up include Basket Mouth and ROTFLMAO; the Nigerian cultural arts and music festival, Afro fusion fashion show, Nigerian Image awards honoring Onyeka Onwenu, Eldee, Hauwa Ibrahim, Chido Nwangwu, Omogbonike Odegbami.  There will be workshops, seminars hosted by Young African Professionals organization.  There's something special for the beautiful ladies and fine gentlemen; check out Speed dating on July 5, 2013 from 4PM-6PM.  Each day concludes with a reception and if you're Nigerian you know what that means—food, music and latest jams from the motherland; chance to shake what yo' mama gave ya and dance like no one's watching.  Some of you fashionable ladies and gents won't disappoint—with your specially made ankara material in it's rich colors and splendor.  For some of you, the question would be "traditional or Formal?" Creative minded folks know how to mix it up.  Nigerians know how to party.

So...five days, chock full of entertainment, mixing and mingling.  With the event line-up, there's something for everybody.  Be sure not to miss this year's Nigerian reunion, an event that attracts people from all over the globe; an event that brings the Nigerian diaspora under one roof.  An opportunity to unite is an opportunity to come together for a cause, creating a chance to make a better Nigeria.  Don't you miss it.  If you see a girl roaming a round with a camera, stop her and say hi, I'd be glad to meet ya.

Thanks for reading.
I appreciate you.

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