July 8, 2013

NRC 2013 — Day 4

You know your day is made when you meet a legend.

So, it is now the fourth day; started with YAP talk show with a panel discussion.  Raising a family with the couple in two different religions, the challenges of dating, gay rights in Nigeria were hot topics discussed.  What do you think about throwing homosexuals in jail for fourteen years?  Do women need to make themselves more available and accessible to men, or is it the other way around?  Are single men threatened by independent women?
Everyone certainly had their opinions, however, it was obvious they were shaped by personal experiences. It's always good to hear the experiences of people who've already been through the hurdles of dating and made it into marriage; puts thoughts in perspective.  It's always refreshing to hear the thoughts of young folks like me; we all go through the same struggles in our unique ways. Importantly, it was nice to be around my Nigerian peers.

The day propelled along on the red carpet; stars and legends out to support the event. I got to photograph music legend Onyeka Onwenu, music star Eldee, media veteran Chido Nwangwu, educational advocate Omogbonike Adegbami—all receiving an image award for dedicating their lives to the Nigerian diaspora, with their works widely recognized. The event continued in full swing. I believe the highlight of the night was when Ms Onyeka Onwenu took the stage.  Singing her classic "One love" took me back to my childhood; as I listened to her sing, I got chills (I got to tell her that).  Eventually, she got the audience involved.  We all chorused as she serenaded us on and of the stage—totally off the chain!  

Continue to return right here for complete coverage of this year's  Nigerian reunion.  One more day to go.  

Pictures from the event here.

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