August 14, 2013

Kemi's surprise.

My work took me to San Antonio recently.  A surprise birthday party.  This was unexpected; San Antonio certainly wasn't on the immediate horizon.  I've been invited, but it was for the future.  I had the pleasure of photographing for a dear friend of mine—Tolu, who's throwing a surprise birthday party for Kemi—her baby sis' 21st.  The excited party planner was relentless in getting me to come along with her on a journey two plus hours away.  Thanks to her, I can now check off San Antonio as one of the places I visited.

Party started and ended delightfully, the celebrant pleasantly surprised to tears; watching the sisters was bittersweet; makes me wish I have a sister too.

I enjoy my work; for a moment I'm in people's lives and become part of them, bonds and connections are formed, continues to snowball.  I thank God I'm blessed with my talents and I get to use them;  more importantly, I get to use them to change people's lives.

I hope You enjoy these photos...

Thanks for reading.
I appreciate you.

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