October 8, 2013

New York City.

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps.

I used to live in this city.  The pinnacle of NYC lies on Times square, between 42nd street and 47th.  Every night this place transforms into a light show spectacle, people from all over the world visit daily to take in the scenery; it's like nothing you'd find anywhere else (maybe Tokyo).  There's Broadway and the shows that take residence, flagship stores that attract thousands of customers, MTV has fans lining up for the next celebrity appearance, waiting to catch a glimpse through its glass walls.  This is where the ball drops at the turn of every new year, there's intense traffic, yellow cabs, high rises and huge billboards, glamour, tourists, funky smells, homeless folks, street hawkers...  You can find them all right here.

I recently shot for Nigeria's independence day after party at club Maru on 32nd street.  Unlike Houston where most clubs close by 2AM, party's just getting started.  It takes living in other cities to appreciate the uniqueness that can only be found here.  New Yorkers live up to the motto "Go big or go home."  They certainly know how to party.  Everyone jammed to afrobeats till 4AM.
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