December 26, 2013

Age gracefully.

I had the privilege of shooting a high school reunion for the class of 1965.  Ever heard of Kashmere High school?  Yes that one, the one in the famous documentary, known for their Jazz ensemble—The Kashmere Stage Band.  Jay Z was acting principal for a day in the school in 2002.  The one and only.

I shot the reunion for a dear friend of mine.  Her graduating class alumni recreate memories every year—come together to celebrate their yester-years.  Forty-eight years—wow!  To think of it my high school reunion, if we had one would be in it's fourteenth.  I hardly remember anyone I went to high school with, these folks have made it a point not to forget.

At this point between them is lots of memories, kids, grand kids, life, deaths, generations and tribulations past.  How lucky would I be if I'm still alive and well in 34 years (I'm yet to live to 34!).  I studied the collage of their high school portraits sitting by the entrance.  Many of them have been long gone, but their memories certainly live on.
These baby boomers are young at heart—you just have to watch them party.  Eyes light up as they recollect and reconnect.  One young lady caught my intrigue.  There was nothing old school about her, in her all leather outfit, wielding her camera like a weapon.  I wondered if she worked for the school newspaper back in the day.  I wondered if I too would remain so young at heart long after now.

I was honored to be part of this day, to help mark another year for Kashmere High School's class of 1965.  Thanks Ms. Cheryl.
Kashmere High School class of 1965.  Collage put together  by members of the alumni.

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I appreciate you.

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