May 5, 2014


So here in the motherland there's a lot going on.  I found myself in a jungle like none else.  Lagos, once a nation's capital has now become amongst other things, an entertainment hub.  Aspiring artists now navigate this jungle in other to make it big.   Here in recent times, it's the ever growing music industry.  Musicians have shot through the waterworks.  there are a lot already on the scene in the music videos in the dedicated channels.  Music is just as big here as any where else.

I recently observed an event in Festac, Lagos.  Every Thursday night at The Grasshopper Place, there's Night of Ensemble.  Aspiring musicians and superstars alike come here to wow the audience.  Tonight's like no other, special guests―Rayce and Solidstar entertained the crowd to the great pleasure of die-hard fans.

Here in Lagos the young people here are hungry for a better life.  Music is a way of escape.  With the likes of D'banj, 2Face Idibia and P-Square crossing the international music scene, they've given hope to an ever growing crop of aspiring musicians here, and boy, they are pretty talented!
Check out more photos here.

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