August 10, 2014

Basketmouth uncensored.

It's funny man and international sensation Basketmouth in the house at Ayva center, Houston Texas.  The venue was packed with no open seat and little standing room, surprisingly African Time or CPT did not apply here.  That's what happens when you've managed to garner loyal fans.  Basketmouth is welcomed by a rousing audience with roars and cheers to his very hilarious performance, every funny bone was struck.

Basketmouth's jokes too grown for children.

This show is the leave your kids at home type; jokes were crude, witty, homegrown, drawing from real-life misadventures of a dysfunctional mind, Basketmouth have earned his reputation from being so.  You know it's about to get real when you strip down to the bare minimum, take a seat and face the audience like you've arrived home.  "You all paid for this shit" he addresses the audience as he's about get down to business.  Sitting is not for long, this performer is very animated, every body part is engaged, from the bright, torch-lit eyes to the occasional outstretched arms and flailing fingers, the many facial expressions.  Almost every tool in sight was a prop, the chair, the guitar, the DJ.  It's no wonder he's a sensation, he's been doing this long enough to be a veteran.

Basketmouth's career officially spans about fifteen years and there's no stopping in sight, he's on an international world tour Basketmouth uncensored the dysfunctional mind of Bright.
Performance was preceded by opening acts Wowo Boyz, music by DJ Olapunch, all courtesy of Shepke Knights.
Is Basketmouth coming to your town? Stay tuned to find out. More photos here.

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