August 25, 2014

The Latest: Africa Fashion Week Houston

Fashion is not just in New York, Paris and Milan anymore.

It's right here in Houston. Africa Fashion Week Houston just wrapped up at Ayva Center, August 14-16 2014. As usual, it's the pageantry of beautiful fabrics, models and the people that make them. African inspired fashion has rapidly gained momentum on a global scale. Once it started making it's way into the collections of acclaimed designers, there isn't a doubt African designs and print had gained a mainstay.

This year's show is brought by The Fall of Signature Essence (FOSE), with designers showcase local and abroad. The event brought together fashion designers, fashionistas and trendsetters, photographers, musicians, comedians, local vendors, partners, Macy's as it's official sponsor. Designers include Hafshelline, TeKay Designs, OGE! Fashion, Sanerd inc., Kachi Designs, Southern Gents, AftoniQue Concepts. Segun Gele showed the audience the technique of a simple traditional head wrap, Comedic duo Wowo Boyz kept the audience in stitches while America's Next Top Model Alum Nnenna Agba officiated the event.
It's never anything short of an amazement of what can be done with African inspired prints and fabrics, it's the blossoming of styles and creativity, today's designers have a field day and it shows. Styles are wearable, you can find something edgy, classic, elegant; you can even find wedding dresses. For those that like to think out of the box, there's something for them too; let's just say there's something for just about everyone.

This three-day multicultural event's designed to bridge the gap in cultural diversity, bringing lovers of fashion and the humanity conscious under the same roof. Proceeds of the event would benefit...
"Hospitals for Humanity, a nonprofit organization committed to providing access to quality and affordable health care for people who are in dire need, especially those who live in developing and third-world countries. For more info, please visit" - The FOSE website.
Event program include a meet-and-greet fashion mixer, a fashion arts workshop, and runway show and concert. For more details of the event, click here. Exclusive photos by MsadaPhotography available here.
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