September 1, 2014

Pound of Flesh: the premiere.

Folks of Street Corner films have done it again, delivering another hillarous suspence thriller Pound of Flesh, the brainchild of duo Don Okolo and Nkem Denchukwu, a bridge between genres of Hollywood and Nollywood.  Movie lovers came out in drones to support it's premiere and the movie didn't dissapoint. You'd laugh very hard, you'd cry, you'd be dumb founded - combination I enjoy in movies. This dynamic duo is making Nollywood movies the way they ought to be made, well developed plot and story line, witty lines, impeacable comedic timing, enough suspence, great motion picture; this easily fits the bill as a high budget indie flick. 

Star line-up include Merlissa Determined, Curtis Von, Perez Egbi, Joe Grisaffi, JP DeStefano, Alexis Anderson, Eva Cotton, Ashley Starks, Carl Payne and Roxy Rebel.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Be careful with this scorcher.  A woman finds refuge in her revenge when she discovers a plot by her husband to kill her and have her replaced by a long-time mistress.  Her only child, a daughter, a music prodigy is shot to death by her pediatrician, who only did so to protect her from suffering the pangs of a fiery furnace while trapped in a vehicle.  Her menacing husband seeks revenge by plotting to get the pediatrician by any means necessary.  Evil has too many faces all wrapped in one; it's an entanglement of the misgivings of the criminal justice system, how money can buy you anything from power to freedom.  Apparently justice has a price tag, however it will always prevail.  The deceased music prodigy becomes a saving grace, a guardian angel to those that need it most.
This cross-cultural movie is based on story inspired by true events, many years in the making, artfully crafted and brought to life by the brilliant writer, Don Okolo, a twenty-year veteran in filmmaking, with books to his credit.  Together with Writer and Producer Nkem DenChukwu, they are championing Nollywood USA. This is the second opportunity I've had to work with this duo.  They're charming, it's hard not to be drawn to their cause.  Nkem does what she does with love and dedication.  For a woman who's done something of this magnitude, it doesn't stop there, it's countless hours in preparation, it's all in the details and no detail is overlooked.  Many people would order catering services, but this woman prepared practically everything on the menu for the after party.  Houstonians can be a hard crowd to please, certainly not when this duo is concerned.  Special guests in attendance are Melissa Wilson from Houston's Fox News 26, who also made a cameo appearance, filmmakers from across the country.

A movie such as this one needs global awareness. Nollywood is now the second largest movie producing industry, gaining global recognition. The pioneers of Nollywood probably couldn't have imagined this growth. Half of a Yellow Sun is proof of the great strides being made.  Along with all the positive things that can be said still lies a disparity, filmmakers who love the art of film making.  The reported growth expounds the need for this industry to pay more attention to quality and not quantity, filmmakers willing to take the time, dedication and commitment needed to produce a buzz-worhty movie, the road to filmmaking is not easy, but is worthwhile and rewarding. This move is one of those bridging the gap.

The fun continued at Grand Affairs Ballroom, Houston, where guests partied with the stars and were served specially prepared delicacies by the movie producer, now that's love.  I'm certainly proud of this formidable woman who's a testament to the fact that the only one to get you down is yourself, your determination or lack there of. Her venture isn't without challenges, she sails through them like what seems effortless.  I'm especially honored to have been a part of this movie ('ve got to check the rolling credits).  For more info on where to find this movie in your town, keep it here.  
Exclusive photos of Pound of Flesh can be found here.
Above is one of my proudest moments. Above that, POF cast pose for photo op with countless fans. 

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