October 14, 2014

Destined to Fail but Ordained to Glory—book signing with MarSha Andrus

I had a great privilege of watching the birth of someone's baby.

Destined to Fail but Ordained to Glory is a compelling story about early detachment, broken trust and stolen innocence; unfolds the struggles and growing pains of a young girl forced to grow up too fast. When you find yourself alone in a jungle with ravening wolves lurking in the bushes, where do you turn? The world can be cruel, cold and dark for a young girl who finds herself alone, looking for comfort and love in all the wrong places. In a struggle to bond and find love, they seem fleeting as she struggles even more, she finds herself involved with people with their own special interests. When one is forced to grow up too fast, that's just what one does, but not without bumps on the road. This book will take you on one woman's journey to true love, lasting friendships and spiritual redemption.

This brainchild of MarSha (Mar.Sh.ei) Andrus is inspired by a very true story. Reading this book I thought: we all walk around about our business, we all have/had problems, however, the struggles and triumph of some of us are extraordinary. To still be standing after all is a true testament to the fact that one—anyone can beat his/her demons. I would recommend this book, it just might change your life, or a least an aspect of it. Book signing took place on October 4th, with excerpt reading by the author. In my usual habit, I decided to pick her brains.

The one and only MarSha Andrus. Congratulations! How does it feel to become a published author?
Thank You! (sighs) It feels amazing, it really does, to see your work in your hand is like birthing your new born child, it's absolutely wonderful.

What inspired the book?
Well, my best friend—Marie, when we were younger she always told me that, I can help a lot of people because I was always so encouraging to her and she told me that I should write a book about things that made me as strong as I am and it would help other people, so she was the inspiration behind it. 
How's the writing process?
That's the hard part. It took me ten years to write my book. Ehm, getting it out there that's easy, but writing it is the hardest part, because some things... When you begin to write, you begin to open yourself up for memories. You transcend into a different realm of reality when you're writing, and so, sometimes it can be a smooth process, sometimes it can be a rough process. It just depends on the depths of what you're writing about. So it was a roller coaster ride writing this book.

I can imagine
Yeah, it was.

I really can. Tell me about DTFBOTG.
I titled the book DTFBOTG because, you know when we are born here on this earth, we're immediately destined to just be failures, I mean the odds are against us. Ehm, but there's a point where you meet your purpose, you meet who created you. And once you meet who created you then you realize you're created with a purpose and that purpose has already been ordained, it's already been stated in the heavens, in the universe, what you're going to be, what you're gonna do, who you're gonna help, where you're gonna live and so, I chose that title because, in life, you have to get to your purpose of being here and once you get to your purpose of being here, the universe aligns itself with what's already written before you're actually put here on this earth and everything that was ordained for you to do, comes about, and there's the glory.  So if you don't know your purpose, you're destined to fail. If you never learn your purpose, if you never fulfill your purpose you're destined to fail, but, if you realize that, "I was created for a reason, I'm not a mistake, I'm here on purpose," then you're ordained to glory.

Now that's an interesting way of looking at life and purpose. Ehm, I've listened to a lot of inspirational people talk about purpose, passion and curiosity and pretty much, when you ask one person or another, of course based on their own life experience they have a way of defining what those are.  So yours is certainly very interesting. That's a really good way of looking at our lives and our purpose. If you don't make the quest to find out your life's purpose, then you're destined to fail, because everything that surrounds you will not look promising if you don't make the decision to find your purpose.
The plot of this book hits close to home. How does it feel writing such a revealing book?
Coming from, growing up in a place where, I was the secret child, or a lot of things were hush hush or you know, even now you have families that go through different situations and they keep them hush, they keep them under the carpet they keep them on the back burner, and I just got tired of that. I don't think healing can take place without, it being exposed. And another thing to me, this world, this government, this system is created on, "what dirt do I have on this person?" So my thing is if I exposed all my own dirt, nobody'd ever have anything on me and, I'd never have anything to hold against myself or against anyone else because, it's all out there, and I'm not ashamed of it. It's there, it's out, I did it and you know what? It'd help somebody else reveal, or ask for forgiveness or come forth in a way that they probably didn't have the strength to do before, because they were afraid of how someone else is gonna look at them. So, I put my story out there in such a revealing manner to be transparent, to let people know, when you look at this glass of water you're seeing straight through it that what you see is what you get and there's no side effects, nothing hidden, this is it! This is how I wish the world was, because there's enough secrets, enough maizes in this world as it is and I don't think people should be that way.

Are the inspiring characters in your life today?
Yes, I'd say so. They are.

How do they feel about the book?
Ehm, two to be exact are very thankful that I wrote the book. They're also kinda sad because it's like they never understood how important they were to me until they read the book. They knew I loved them, they knew they mean the world to me, but when they read the book, it hit home, like "oh my God, I didn't realize I was such an inspiration to you at such a detrimental time in your life."

If a genie granted you three wishes, what would they be? Why?
(Laughs) Let's see, I have to be careful about what I choose to wish for because, words have power, the universe listens. So, three wishes, hmmm... One wish would be, oh my God, it's silly, but I'd wish to be able to swim, like a mermaid, that's one, because then when I finally go on a cruise, if something happens I can swim (more laughs) and I can survive.
Right, so you'd find yourself acclimated into the marine world and keep on living like there's no problem.
Right that's very true. Yes, that would be awesome. So that's one wish. My second wish would be to have wisdom under-guarded with love, because one can have... I think about King Solomon and all the wisdom that he had, but that wisdom that he had took him to a place of sadness almost, and I feel like if I have wisdom under-guarded with love, then I'm able to know all these beautiful things, but I'm also able to still love. Because when things are revealed to you, when things become transparent, when they open up to you like a flower and it blossoms and blooms, you see every cut, nook and cranny of everything. But in other to love every cut, nook and cranny, it takes knowing it. It would help me understand and know people better. I think I would save my third wish for someone else.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes, because when I was little, I would lock myself in my room and read books and write short stories and poems and imagine I was in another world all the time.

Tell me about your writing influences/role models.
Nikki Giovanni, I love her poetry. It inspired me because, it's subtle. Some of her poems are kinda like subtle but they're very unique and to the point. Dean Koontz was a lot of inspiration to me in his writing, he writes a lot of suspense thrillers, but, within that suspense, was such a hint of reality, that it had you looking over your shoulder—I love that feeling. John Grisham, same thing.  

How do you think the book is received so far?
So far from the feedback that I've gotten, for those that know it's my story, they're just like "oh my God! How did you do that? How did you make it?" And they're just like "the book is so revealing, it's to the point." The way they described it is like, "you've come so far and you still have so far to go and you still smile," so that's a good thing on the receiving end. As far as the book itself, the general response has been it's a great book, they can't wait to see it on a big screen and they're looking forward to the next book. About four people that read the book that were from different nationalities, it helped open their eyes to my world and to the diversity that's around them, they only see things on the news, or you know in the schools or whatever. They don't know the depths of it. Reading my book has helped them understand African Americans a little bit better.

What do you expect the audience to take away from this book?
The main thing I expect them to take away is strength, the ability to keep going, the ability to love like you've never been hurt before, to never give up. In life, all kinds of things happen, but you have to make a conscious decision to keep going. That's the main thing I want them to take from this book.
Where can DTFBOTG be obtained?
It can be obtained at mdandrus10.com, or purchase at Amazon.com.

Can we expect more from MarSha Andrus in the future?
Yes you can. The second book is on the horizon and should be ready by February of next year.

What's next for MarSha Andrus Inc.?

A second book, a movie to the first book, which the screenplay is being written as we speak, I do want to put it on the big screen, because you do have a lot of people that don't read and I think a visual of the book would help those that don't read even more. So I want to make sure I hit every possible person.

Well thank you very much, it's been an awesome interview!
It's been my pleasure.

I can surely expect more from this author in the near future, more grease to your elbow! Want pictures? (Of course you do!) More pictures of DTFBOTG book signing all available by clicking here.


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