October 19, 2014

Houston Fashion Week @HoustonWeek

TeKay Designs by Kimma Wreh
I had the privilege of working the runways of Houston Fashion Week, thanks to folks at Trendy Africa. This show is different for me because it's a conglomerate of designers and fashion lovers across a diverse spectrum, not just Africa, the models are very diverse too. It's high fashion, couture galore! These models are true glamazons. Strut strut strut...here they come! Flick flick and in seconds, they're gone!

Everyone needs some couture in their life—Haute Couture Fashion show
Event highlights include the Haute Couture fashion show, "Spanish Texas" Flamenco Fashion Show, Bridal Haute Fashion Show, Pret - A - Porter Fashion show, Xpressionz Divine Fashion Show, The Curvy and Beautiful Fashion Show, The Kids Fashion Show, Jeans Fashion Show. Designers include Kimma Wreh of TK Designs(more on her later), project runway alum Daniel Esquivel, Nicole Bell, Marion Verron, Loren Franco, Xpressionz Divine, HHarloquin Dresses. 

This year's show would benefit the National Spinal Cord Injury Association of Houston, a not-for-profit organization. TeKay Designs donated a statement fashion necklace for ‘Fashion For a Good Cause’ at the Couture Fashion Show where guests had access to bid at silent auction comprising of high end products benefitting the organization. Guest celebrities included pageant queens such as Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014 Ambassador - Deborah Carpenter, and Mrs. Texas International - Whitney Montgomery. Thanks to this event, some lucky and lovely ladies of the foundation got a moment to shine in the finest designs from HHarloquin Dresses.
Kimma Wreh
Kimma Wreh and Event Producer Victor Qunteros Marquina
David Esquivel
This year's event took place October 6th thru the 12th at different locations, include runway shows, exhibitions and networking opportunities for those in the fashion industry and fashion lovers from Texas and beyond. Fashion designers work tirelessly it seems to put up a noteworthy show, everything has to be perfect and impeccable.

More on Houston Fashion Week :
Houston Fashion Week® was founded in 2010 by a group of international models & fashion photographers in support of the Fashion Designer, the fashion industry in general and eager to give a little something back. As fashion professionals working around the US, we’ve all been invited to numerous events, dinners and parties, for fun and little else. The purpose of Houston Fashion Week® is to on occasion turn that “little else” into something else: a purpose and a cause. And so each year, Houston Fashion Week’s Fund will select and fund different causes around America by organizing paid events, including dinners and parties, in each of the most prestigious locations around: Miami, Houston,Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Austin. These invite only events will draw together not only some of the world’s leading models, but the broader fashion and business communities as well.
Houston Fashion Week® events will also provide younger models with a valuable opportunity to connect with a generation of successful international models.
Part of the proceeds from each event will go towards funding a particular cause.
Thanks for your support to our designers at Houston Fashion Week® 2013.
Find out more about Houston Fashion Week at their website here. Exclusive photos of the event found here. Love what you see? Drop a comment below.
David Esquivel's  show was nothing short of "Pow!" (Models in barretts above) I hope to catch him on runways of New York and Paris someday.

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