October 12, 2014

League of Nigerians in Diaspora celebrates Nigerian Independence in lavish gala with Port Harcourt's first son.

Duncan Mighty performance
October 3rd, 2014, at Houston Marriott, Westchase, Nigerians in the diaspora gathered to commemorate Nigeria's 54th birthday. LNID threw a lavish black-tie gala, bringing together folks from different walks of life: entrepreneurs, filmmakers, medical professionals, educators to meet and mingle and discuss Nigeria. Theme of the event: Transformative Leadership, Learning and Nigeria Human Capital Development. LNID endeavors to attract the diaspora to not forget its roots, where its people come from, to harness its talent and put it to good use in the motherland.

Event's highlight was Duncan Mighty, Port Harcourt's first son. He put on a noteworthy performance for his die-hard fans, that enjoyed watching their favorite artist perform some of his greatest hits— Hand of Jesus, Don't give a shot, Obianuju and many more. A raffle draw with winning prices 2014 Mercedes Benz C250 sedan, a 2015 Toyota Rav4, a sixty-inch flat screen TV and a fourth prize, an iPad met the acquaintance of new owners—the lucky winners.

The event was totally worth it. It is noteworthy when Nigerians come together to honor its country, show a different side from typical negative stereotypes. At this rate and with perseverance, the diaspora can all be on the same page and pursue one positive cause, creating a better Nigeria.
LNID director and president Dr. Chris Ulasi
In case you missed it, there are pictures of the event already posted here.

More on the League can be found here.

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