November 16, 2014

Latest from the stables of author Nkem DenChukwu

She has done it again! It's this author's latest effort—the release of three children's books: Zoe, the second edition, Odera: An Orphan's tale (a collection of life lessons) and Alley-Gators: The bullies of Poughkeepsie. Book signing took place at her home November the 8th. This producer, writer, mother of four knows firsthand what it means to nourish a child's spirit, each book is written with every child in mind, to teach them life lessons in a way that's easy for
them to receive.
I wrote each book with every child in mind, with the intention of inspiring more than one child at a time. I want every reader to learn from the stories knowing and remembering that we are all the same, yet unique in our own ways. I hope every child is inspired, empowered, and learn from the experiences of others, be open to positive change, know to draw strengths from their weaknesses, and be the best that they can be without allowing anything or anyone pull them back.
Each book will teach a child something about him/herself, topics such as obedience, love, courage, faith, perseverance are explored. There's no better way to learn a life lesson than through one's self, life experience. These books on another hand reinforces the value of reading and encourages the love of reading at a young age. One thing that reading does is transport you in a realm you may never dream possible, opens up a world of possibilities.
A lot more is coming from the stables of this author and producer, include the construction and rebranding of website and, more movies. You can currently purchase autographed copies of Zoe and Alley-Gators and her other published books at


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