March 19, 2015

To the Principal's office: Dr. Sid, a no-show at a Houston concert this past weekend

Dr. Sid, Houston wants her money back!

The Surulere hit maker has a lot of making up to do in appeasing his Houston fan base. A no-show is a no no! When fans are shelling out their hard earned Benjamins to come out to see their favorite artist, you show up, "that's what you do" (borrowing a line from a Geico commercial).

Billed to perform till wee hours of the morning this past Saturday at D'Place on Bissonett, Houston, Texas, fans waited endlessly hoping for a glimpse of the artist who was no where to be seen. Instead the audience was treated to lack luster performances by some undiscovered artists yet to hone their craft. Admittedly, DJs on deck held it down. Big shout out to Mixmasterbrown, DJ Yaw, DJ Nana for keeping the crowd pumped through it all. Without them, it would have been a total hot mess, not impressed at all, especially for an artist breaking into the international market. This happens the same period Nigerians in the Diaspora boycotts the unscrupulous business practices of Nigerian artists who seem to be more after the dough than putting on a good show.

Having our voices heard is a good start at positive movement. Some artists forget their history it seems when chasing fame. Whatever happened to this young artist on Saturday is yet to be determined, maybe we'd never know. But rest assured he gets away with it.  As children of a great country in the motherland, isn't it time we stop smearing our reputation?  Booking an event and canceling last minute leaving your fans hanging is a sure way to loose them, you don't get many chances in this business.

Well that's my two cents, Houston fans are left scrambling wondering if they'd been defrauded. Dr. Sid, Houston wants her money back!
Dr. Sid pulled an impressive crowd eagerly anticipating him, where is he?

Update: Word has it the no-show snafu can be blamed on a last minute flight cancellation. Dr. Sid has apologized to concert goers in a video found here.

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