April 21, 2015

Guinness Live it Up Tour

Last Saturday was Guinness Live it Up tour in Houston Texas at 1940 Air Terminal Hanger, Hobby airport. This free annual concert goes on in different states throughout the country for the 21+ crowd. Expectations would be appetite for Caribbean food and some good music (and probably some Guinness stout). This event was particularly timely as I can no longer remember the last time I was at a festival. As I made my way to this venue, I didn't know what to expect, but one thing was sure, I thought wait, this is happening...at the airport? They couldn't have chosen a scene more perfect, the backdrop definitely set the tone for the night ahead, what's better than being in the middle of a rave while watching planes take off? The place can be likened to an airline museum of sorts, I enjoyed exploring the exotic planes that laid around the hanger.

Event celebrates music and art, collaborations between the West Indian and West African cultures, the fusion of Afro beats, Soca and Reggae. Noteworthy is how far Nigerian music has travelled and is appreciated beyond it's shores. Party attendants just enjoyed and danced through the evening proudly flaunting flags that represent the countries for which its music originate. On deck was DJ GT Mayne, DJ Silvah and Nigeria's own DJ Mixmasterbrown creating a seamless fusion of music for party goers.   The show's featured Visual artists: E Turner and Kwesi Abbenssetts. One of the show highlights would be the pageantry of stilt dancers in colorful costumes.

Where's next, Lagos maybe? We'd be on the lookout for that one.  Thanks Guinness for such a fun party!
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