April 12, 2015

Please don't shoot me, yes I'm Black!

Officer Slager over Walter Scott, credit: NY Times
I'm not one to jump on the race card bandwagon. Matter of fact I believe Blacks in America choose to continue to enslave themselves after 150 years of the 13th amendment. But one can agree that America has a long way to go when it comes to race relations in its country. Recent events do not necessarily scream racism or prejudice, but all one has to do is look at the record of recent and unprecedented events. A common thread remains—an unarmed Black man dies in the hands of a White police officer—sworn to duty to protect citizens of it's jurisdiction. Question is why does this continue to happen? Is there an end in sight?
There's a special place for anyone that takes it upon himself to shoot another human being eight consecutive times, as if in a shooting range, with no remorse or recourse whatsoever. Is he even human? What could have possibly prompted this action? Were every possible option exhausted in the efforts to apprehend? Are there preconceived notions perhaps? Since when does a routine traffic stop turn into murder? Is there an abuse of power?

Thanks to modern technology! If not, this would've been written off in history books as just another case cooked up by the Police Department, properly tailored and dressed to look better to the public. Injustice would be done, further propagating the thick tension that exist with racism in America. Already there's no question of a planned cover up as the police officer involved attempted to plant evidence against an already dead man, who obviously could no longer defend himself. The callousness and disregard for this man's life is evident, it happened in broad daylight, in place where it would be hard to find witnesses. Apparently the story can be told differently from two different camera lenses. Officer involved conducted himself differently when aware someone would be watching.

It's unfortunate, for every positive step forward, we take ten negative steps back.  This happens again on the heels of celebrating Martin Luther King's march across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Montgomery Alabama 50 years ago, 100 years from the 13th amendment. On the heels of protests seeking justice for Treyvon Martin, Eric Gardner and Michael Brown.

Regardless of parties involved or who you side with, some things are clear: human lives are now destroyed, families are now affected and have to deal with the aftermath for the rest of their lives. No action goes without accountability. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident, fortunately this was caught on camera. Maybe this would serve as a platform and a warning that someone is always watching. 

My prayers go out to the families of Walter Scott and Michael Slager.

Please proceed with caution as you watch the following video, not suitable for all viewers.

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