May 5, 2015

The African Film Festival

Something really big is brewing in the background, something groundbreaking, the first of its kind.

The African Film Festival (TAFF) will launch in July of 2016, a platform created for African film practitioners by Kelechi Eke, a filmmaker and CEO of BiGObi productions in Dallas, Texas. This platform is born out of a dire need to give African films and its creators a world stage and the recognition they deserve. Are you a filmmaker? Have you made an African film? Then this festival is for you.
Selection criteria for TAFF:
  • Films that promote African culture
  • Films that address issues affecting Africa
  • Films about historic African leaders
  • Films about historic African landmarks
  • Films made by Independent African filmmakers
Note that submissions welcome from all over the world that meet the selection criteria. Interested? Then get to work! It's African Time!

More information on TAFF can be found here.


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