June 20, 2015

Lagocians Expats Social (LES)

Thanks to my good friend, Jennifer Gentet, Brand builder, Author—6 Effective Steps to Your Better Self, founder of LES, I learned about a social event that can benefit a diaspora like me.  Lagocians Expats Social is a platform created to bring expatriates together right in the city of Lagos. Folks from all over the map were at this party recently (just watch the video), expatriates hoping to establish themselves in the country with their talents and ideas. While there's a lot of work to the done in the country by way of infrastructure, i.e steady electricity, running water, available and affordable fuel for vehicles, it has not killed the zeal of many in the diaspora or foreign expats. Nigeria provides for various business opportunities and these folks are jumping on those opportunities. Foreigners are ever so curious about the motherland, folks in the diaspora feel the nostalgia of home and realize there's no place like it. It's refreshing to know that amidst the chaos of disorder, there's a platform such as this one.
Poolside party was an opportunity to mix and mingle and connect, dance a little and enjoy the entertainment and good Nigerian food.  Folks got to contribute their two kobo on the current situation, state of affairs of the country and how they can contribute to make the country better. My guess would be this is a soft landing strip for folks trying to assimilate or re-assimilate back into the country, you still get the best of both worlds. The platform's mission is to bring folks together and interchange ideas, get to know the locals, they'e also involved in various humanitarian causes.

More on LES here.


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