October 15, 2018


On the 58th anniversary of Nigeria's independence, Nigerian citizens both home and abroad will hold celebrations to commemorate the event. In many places it's a whole long weekend in pageantry and the display of everything green-white-green, it's quite elaborate. Nigeria's independence held a promise of a great nation, possibly one of the most powerful nations in the world in terms of both natural and human resources. Yet this expectation is yet to be realized. Her dream has been derailed by gross misuse of its resources, ethnic genocide, corrupt leadership that won't invest in her future. As Nigerians come together this year as they've always done, the recurring theme is clear: can Nigeria be made great again?

Nigeria has upcoming elections in 2019 with promising candidates. They all have a vision of what a great Nigeria would look like. Will they succeed? With the same politicians in control and re-circulating power within themselves, can change be possible? Is change possible with supposed rigged elections? Inspiring fear and discouraging ordinary citizens to have a voice and suffer in complacency? Every Nigerian has an idea of what someone needs to do to fix things, few are taking active steps to attempt them. Those with good intentions get discouraged at the complexity of the situation, sigh in resignation of it's supposed hopelessness. "There's no hope for Nigeria." Someone once said.

On the 58th anniversary of Nigeria's independence, once thing is clear: Nigerians are resilient, talented, strong and powerful people. There may be uncertainties and roadblocks to attaining greatness, yet it will never dissuade them to soldiering on. A great majority of her nearly 200 million citizens would carry their heritage proudly, they would never stop dreaming of a great Nigeria. #Naijanodeycarrylast

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