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Inviting guest bloggers

Interested in writing for Msada's Blog? Are you passionate about Africa? Simply send an email over at msadaku[at]

Keep in mind the following.

  1. Afrocentricity: African related content preferred. Send your blog, essay or interesting articles.
  2. Please don't recycle news. Your write up must be new, fresh and ingenious. Don't send post found on other news sites. 
  3. You can write about African politics, pop culture, events, current affairs, entertainment (just to give you an idea).
  4. Upon receipt, your write up will be reviewed, you will be notified when it's live on the blog. Feel free to share it with your network.
  5. Please note that your write up might be edited for appropriateness.

In addition, please send

  1. A brief bio about yourself. Include your name, profession, country of origin.
  2. Link to your site or social media if you have one
  3. A head shot 
  4. Not necessary if you choose to remain anonymous

Have a great story?

They are most welcome! If you have news content or a great story that you want explored please send an email at msadaku[at] You never know, it just might appear here next time.

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