June 20, 2014

"Excitement and Smiles!!! As Absolut VIP Ticket Winners Return from MAMAs"

 Did you catch the 2014 MAMAs?  The show was unforgettable.  African superstars are given a platform to shine and the performances where breathtaking.  In case you missed it, it was a mix of top American Superstars in music and movies rubbing shoulders, I am so proud of the children of my motherland.  Thanks to folks at Absolut Vodka Nigeria, I can bring you some of the gist, as they say about some of the VIP winners of Road to MAMAs who were there LIVE.  Read on below.
Clarence Peters (L), winner of the Innaugural Transform Today Award for his extraordinary work as a Film Director with Akintayo Akinseloyin (R), Brand Manager, Absolut Vodka Nigeria.
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