October 5, 2014

Artist profile: Basketmouth.

Basketmouth dazzled the crowd at Ayva center, Houston Texas, spiting out homegrown jokes with the usual crude spin.  He had the audience on a roll! Every funny bone was struck.  Basketmouth was on his Basketmouth Uncensored tour, making his gracious stop over in Houston.  The event was welcomed by a packed venue with little standing room.  There were roars and cheers as the audience were taken on the misadventures of a dysfunctional mind.  As usual, his comedy is not for kids, he warns "You all paid for this shit!" forewarning the audience on the impending unleashing.  Nothing is safe or off limits as long as this comedian is concerned, tackling issues on sex, family, religion, Nigerian police, the diaspora, the government, the gay community.  He got comfortable as he settled down to the anticipating crowd.  Basketmouth is an animated performer, every body part is engaged in his routine.  Notable are his springy step, how wide those eyes can open and how fluid his limbs fly with his fingers as an accessory.  

Basketmouth has honed his craft over many years, coming from humble beginnings during his school years, to days when he could be found on YouTube, till now, filling arenas.  He's now a highly sought after comedian on an international scale, working with heavy weights like Cedric the Entertainer. He's manged to garner so many loyal fans waiting for what would come out of his mouth next.  He can rightfully retain the title as the leading comedian in Nigeria.  

September 28, 2014

Latest collab effort: Msadaku and You International Magazine

Yemi Alade & Basketmouth feature in latest edition of You International Magazine Fashion edition

August 10, 2014

Basketmouth uncensored.

It's funny man and international sensation Basketmouth in the house at Ayva center, Houston Texas.  The venue was packed with no open seat and little standing room, surprisingly African Time or CPT did not apply here.  That's what happens when you've managed to garner loyal fans.  Basketmouth is welcomed by a rousing audience with roars and cheers to his very hilarious performance, every funny bone was struck.

July 5, 2013

NRC 2013 — Day 2


He put on quite a show last night, had the audience rolling from their seats.  If you missed this show, you missed a lot.  He didn't disappoint with his usual raunchy jokes too grown for children; usual misgivings of a common Nigerian citizen.  He has certainly honed his craft over the years; from a Youtube sensation to a international fan base.

Bo bo... e day try.

Stay connected with me for the latest on this year's reunion; for preview photos, click here.

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