February 6, 2014

Shabbat Shalom!

I probably heard this many times than I can recall in Israel on a Friday.  I was in Jewish territory.  It was the day before Shabbat—day of rest.  In Israel, the weekend starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday.  On Saturday, people go to their different places of worship—Christians included.  Sunday begins the workweek.  There are so many days held sacred. There’s no separation of church and state.  Almost every holiday have a religious significance.  Notable is Yom Kippur—a day of Atonement—NO ONE drives.  Literally at sundown at Yom Kippur eve, if you find yourself on the highway, you have to stop the car and walk all the way home.  Be sure to have a healthful meal and sex because ya ain’t getting any on Yom Kippur!
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