April 9, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram for what?

It's official.  Instagram is worth $1 billion dollars (at least since Facebook acquired it.)

For those of you who didn't know, Instagram is a mobile photo sharing app that gained popularity quickly since it started close to 2 years ago.  It has about 27 million users from fans with iOS devices alone.  With the launch of the app for Android phones last week, Instagram clocked-in 1 million registered users in 24 hours. That is growing by the minute.

March 26, 2012

If you have a ton of Facebook friends you could be a Narcissist...

Are you a Facebook addict?
 A study conducted at Western Illinois University suggests that if:
  • You add friends you don't know and feel the need to update your profile every 10 minutes (the world must know when you decide to take a dump, how that "ish" smells, or what you had for breakfast...do you have 1000 FB friends and only know 150 of them?) 
  •  You tag yourself in other "friends" pictures.  
  •  You are constantly directing your FB friends to "sexy" pictures of yourself.  
  •  You are constantly validating your existence on the "About me" section.  
  •  You constantly promote yourself with no products or talent. 
  •  You feel the need to get constant feedback and be the center of attention. 
  •  You constantly use words such as: "I", "me" on your page.  
  •  You thrive on the attention you get on your page as you crave the need to feel good about yourself.  
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