June 20, 2012

Young listeners opt not to own music - CNN

I was reading an article on CNN the other day.  I have Pandora, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud , Shazam on my iPhone and iPad, I enjoy streaming my music. I also love to be able to look up the artist to the songs I discover and in turn, discover more songs. 
It is of the opinion that streaming music is killing music as we know it.  As more young people opt to stream free music rather than buy, the question becomes: "How do artists profit?"
Shazam App.

This is a long standing discussion, debate that have equal opposing sides. Some argue that young people are at a disadvantage since they rather stream free music than buy it. They believe that eventually there won't be (good) music to listen to as artists that don't get paid would simply stop making new music.

April 19, 2012

Pippa Middleton in a "Smirking Gun"

Pippa and friends having fun with the paparazzi.

April 5, 2012

Ever wondered what a million pictures look like?

I'm drowning!  Erik Kessels' exhibit at Foam

That's how...

At the Foam museum, an artist named Erik Kessels created an exhibit with? You guessed it, 1 million pictures uploaded to Flickr in a 24 hour period...that's a lot of photos (that's also an understatement.)

March 26, 2012

If you have a ton of Facebook friends you could be a Narcissist...

Are you a Facebook addict?
 A study conducted at Western Illinois University suggests that if:
  • You add friends you don't know and feel the need to update your profile every 10 minutes (the world must know when you decide to take a dump, how that "ish" smells, or what you had for breakfast...do you have 1000 FB friends and only know 150 of them?) 
  •  You tag yourself in other "friends" pictures.  
  •  You are constantly directing your FB friends to "sexy" pictures of yourself.  
  •  You are constantly validating your existence on the "About me" section.  
  •  You constantly promote yourself with no products or talent. 
  •  You feel the need to get constant feedback and be the center of attention. 
  •  You constantly use words such as: "I", "me" on your page.  
  •  You thrive on the attention you get on your page as you crave the need to feel good about yourself.  

March 25, 2012

Hello Neon!

 Blame it on the designers in Fashion Week (and Nicki, Gaga, and Perry) to come up with all the funky trends. This spring, we are seeing more bright neon colors, funky paisleys, futuristic, metallic, tribal as well as your classic beiges, black and whites.
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