June 25, 2012

The (DRUM)circle

This past Sunday I went back to Meridian Hill Park to observe a long standing community tradition - the Drum Circle. I was quite intrigued when I was there the first time. Having parents of African decent and after living in Nigeria for many years, I'm quite familiar with Nigerian culture. Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups and about 510 different languages (about 3 major languages with multiple dialects that filter through the regions). I speak Ibo, my parents are from the South, and I can tell you that certain Ibo dialects are hard to understand let alone speak. With the variety in languages, you also have different cultural groups. Each group adopts a different type of dance. Ultimate show in true cultural form are the many festivals when all these groups come together in a parade, usually quite elaborate. Notable holidays are Nigerian Independence day and the Calabar carnival. During these events there are colorful displays of tradition, culture and dance.

March 21, 2012

The Drum Circle.

Last Sunday, I talked about how I randomly ran into a group of drummers and dancers that was nothing short of amazing.  Well it turns out they have been around for 40 years!  Traditionally called the Drum Circle, musicians all around DC come together on any given "good weather" Sunday at the Meridian Hill Park and pull out their instruments and begin playing rich African tunes.  Soon after, dancers follow.  Dancers can either be experienced or brand new, everyone's welcome.

March 18, 2012

Summer's Day Out.

So my boyfriend and I were having a Summer's day out in the middle of March.  The weather was unbelievable (like it has been for a few days now, I swear I have no idea what's happening these days, blame the ozone layer...whatever).  It was a good day for walking, so we walked the streets of DC.  We started at the funky boheiman neighborhood of U street, stopping and having a meal at Busboys and Poets, one of my favorite restaurants.
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