July 15, 2012

My conversations with Siri.

I have been meaning to compose this post regarding my ongoing relationship with my little voice assistant.  It is taking quite some time, part of it because I don't routinely use Siri; we are often lost in translation that at crucial times, she's just not that handy (the voice dictation is even more accurate).  The time spent trying to correct misinterpreted words by Siri leaves us in a love-hate relationship.  I end up resorting to my old habits—the old fashioned but reliable manual keyboard input.  I am finally inspired to write this piece after reading a blog posted in the New York Times by Nick Bilton

July 8, 2012

Reflective Moments — Transition

I've been meaning to write about this inspiring video I watched that was posted in the New York Times made by filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa.  The video addressed the growing trend of black women embracing their natural hair. Some call it "transitioning," the "big chop" or "going natural."  Whatever anyone chooses to call it, bottom line is, this has become a movement (I mean all you have to do is google the subject or check out the plethora of Youtube videos on the subject).  In the short documentary, the filmmaker pointed out that this movement has become political; there was a time in our society when the kinky, coily natural African hair was simply unacceptable; not in the workplace, not for majority of society, not even to us African women.  We have long lived by European standards; we strive for it, we work hard to attain it.  We alter the nature or our strands to fit into what is considered the norm and acceptable.  As a result, sadly, most of us have never embraced the hair are naturally born with; sadly, most of us don't even know what our natural hair looks or feels like.  I was perplexed when my aunt chemically straightened her then almost two year old daughter's hair and gave the reason that it was difficult to comb through.  I believe for the most part, when an ethnic woman finally makes a brave decision to go natural, it becomes a revelation, an awakening, a new found freedom.  We love what we discover; we have beautiful coily hair that's nice to touch, we revel in it's texture and how it feels and all of a sudden, there's need to nurture it and watch it blossom and grow.
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