August 25, 2013

Dark Girls.

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I watched a documentary on OWN recently that focused on a particular human prejudice; one I've been oblivious to; to think of it even now, is absurd.  The documentary focused on the notion that there's not just racial prejudice, but one against different shades of brown skin color.  The fact that light skinned ethnic girls are preferred over their darker counterparts has been perpetrated for a long time.  At first I thought, as a dark skinned woman, not only do I have to worry about the lack of responsible, good looking Black guys out there, but now I have to worry that I might have missed out on potential good ones because they preferred a lighter skinned girl over me?

May 8, 2013


March 18, 2013

The "High note."

Super soul Sunday with Dr. Robin Smith and Oprah.  Credit: OWN, Youtube. 

I like this interview.

We all hold celebrities to very high standards; standards we ourselves, can't live up to.  If you didn't already know it before, you come to find out that celebrities hold themselves to the same standards, even when it becomes unrealistic.  I like how Dr. Smith analyzes MJ and Whitney's situation.  Although I think there's a lot more reasons behind the scenes, this is an important point to consider.

Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson were starved for the "high note."  They want to top the phenomena they both created while still in their youth, but it wasn't meant to be.  They didn't realize this fact until too late.
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