September 5, 2012

My interview with Karen

Posing with Karen and Preetika.  
M: How do you choose your artists?
K: We are really particular about the artists that we hire, because we wanna make sure not only are they good artists, but they have to have great people skills and be able to, you know command a group of people and make a situation where everybody can just have fun and, you know, that's what it's really all about, just having fun, in a social, it's more of an entertainment thing and the art experience, you know it's all of that woven in together.

September 4, 2012

Reflective moments — Discovery

I took the Myers Briggs personality test and learned that I am an ISFP; an introverted feeling with an extraverted sensing individual. This profile explains a lot about me, my place in the world, the way I relate to others, perceived by others, my mind's driving force which is mostly my thoughts. Having my SELF described so explicitly became an eye opener and dispels some of the notions I have about myself, people, how I relate to them, how they relate to me; it gives me a sense of peace, I find a new happy place.
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