October 27, 2014

Are you getting the new iPhone?

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost 3 years! (That's right) Since I got my iPhone 4S. My my where does the time go? This phone has gone through many system upgrades and changes, and now, simply cannot keep up with the program. Each upgrade comes with enhancements that's supposedly a good thing (if you have the latest model), but simply is too much for my phone to handle, see why here. Memory clogs up pretty quickly rendering it sluggish, battery does not last more than two hours fully charged. I now carry an external battery pack. My phone's OS interface now runs with bumps on the road.
iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 4S
Apple has now launched 4 upgraded phones in counting, the latest: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After years of resistance (or something that looked like it), Apple have finally caved to consumer demands for a phone with a larger screen. iPhone 6 boasts a screen with a whopping 4.7 inches, now the size of comparable Samsung Galaxy flagship phones; iPhone 6 plus, 5.5 inches (more specs here). I wonder with the later, would anyone still feel compelled to get an iPad? iPad sales have now sustained a steady decline in sales (report here). Part of the reason might be, after the induction of tablets into our lives, the iPad craze has kinda waned. Chances are, you still have the first (and only) iPad you ever bought. They'd become some kinda small screen smart TV and computer in one. We're just not running to upgrade everytime a new version comes out, just like any computer or TV. I had my "New iPad" (iPad version 3) for 2 years before deciding it's place in my life wasn't prominent, I decided to give mine away to be put to good use by someone who needed it most. Usage of my MacBook Pro and iPhone would share a percentage of 50/50. Besides, with a phablet, do you still need a tablet?

I walked into a neighbourhood Apple Store to check out the latest. Right off the bat, the new iPhone felt sleek and slippery. It's thin with smooth aluminum edges. Care must be taken with this one. I know if I got one, it'd be going into a case right away, I can't imagine the tragedy of smashing it. For the size whores, you'd be really glad. Some customers are on the fence when it comes to the 6 plus, that's technically a phablet. Some consider it a bit clunky. "I really don't see the need for a phone that big" one potential customer says. Many tech blogs and videos show people in favor of the smaller sized phone (although, technically still bigger than its predecessors). Research shows people don't necessary want a large-sized phone, they want a phone that can still fit into a pants pocket, one that can be operated comfortably in one hand and although the new phones have a Drop down feature (Reachability) that allow you to access apps at the top of the phone screen, some people would argue that the big phones have lost a certain functionality of convenience.
Side-by-side comparison of iPhone 4S and iPhone 6/6 plus, apparently the 6 plus can be manage
with one hand.
Would you get the new iPhone? Yes, if you're like me with the great-grandfather of iPhones, simply because my phone is really not built for the current OS, it's becoming too much for my phone to handle, it's now telling it's age. It's no longer sold in stores, which means it's on its way out. Should you get the new iPhone? Not really. Especially, if you already have iPhone 5S/5C.

CEO Tim Cook stated that this would be the upgrade that is truly revolutionary, offering something that truly stands out from it's predecessors. The most obvious change is the size, Apple Pay is new and only available on these new models, it's supposedly faster due to upgraded processor, capable of handling the demands of the new iOS 8. iPhone 6 Plus has suffered a backlash from #bendgate. A friend of mine visited an Apple store on the eve of it's premiere in stores with drones in line waiting for the latest gadget. He got into small talk with one of the Geniuses on his appointment for his MacBook Pro. "Are you excited about the new iPhone?" He asks, "Eh!" the Genius says unenthusiastically.  "Why?" "Because I'm a Physics Major, how do you expect a phone made totally of aluminum not to bend?" "Gasp! I'm sure Apple thought through all of that to let it happen!" "Well, we'll see." the Genuis says with skepticism.
Hahaha... My oh my, I guess you have to be a physics major to already predict #bendgate. I can say that I'm glad I'm not the "gotta have the latest gadget" type, I'm glad I waited as long as I have to upgrade. Besides, my iPhone has performed really well over three years. However If you're one of them, then you're one of many folks with an iPhone 5S that pretty much want to upgrade. That would explain why as you read this, there are no iPhones 6/6 Plus available, all on back order, no word on when they'd be available through my service provider AT&T. They had this promotion back in September, you trade-in your old iPhone and get at least $200 towards the new iPhone, till the 30th. 

As I attempted to walk into a crowded AT&T Company store on Kirby Drive, Houston Texas late afternoon September 28, I'm met by a rude African American woman greeter at the door who snaps "We're sold out" at the mention of the ongoing promotion. After a long uncomfortable pause I say "Okay?," With a questioning look. I'm expecting a follow-up to that comment and she returned a look of her own, with an attitude. Exasperated, I ask, "I would like some more information." "Whaaaat more information do you need?" She snaps again. After regaining consciousness from my shell shock, I ask "when would you have more? What do we do when you don't have any phones in stock?" At this time, I was thoroughly irritated. "Weee don't have one in stock. We don't know when we're getting more in. If you decide to trade in your phone, You'd have to be without a phone until we get them, I mean, unless you have a friend who can lend you their phone" she continues to snap and stare at me with attitude. "Alright thank you!" With a forced half smile she gives me a "you're welcome" and ushers me out the door, I bet she was glad to have me leave the store as quickly as I came in. Speaks volumes for a large company that prides it self on great service to it's customers.

Is the hype really worth it? Not to me. Some might argue this but a New York Times article breaks down how much you really pay for a band new iPhone (or any other new device for that matter). The decision to pay outright for an unlocked phone without a contract, a subsided phone on a plan like AT&T Next, or a Two-year contract adds up to approximately the same price, some one have taken the time to do the math. Check out the eye-opening article and decide if upgrading an already functional phone every year is truly worth it. I'm not the only one who feels the spirit of Steve Jobs has already flown the nest. For a phone to be truly revolutionary, it has to be truly innovative and way more than competitive, Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and it showed. If someone can replace Steve Jobs then there's hope for fans of Michael Jackson. Apple in recent years have either been playing catch-up or involved itself in catfights with competitors, the paradigm has truly shifted. As a die-hard fan of Apple products (I'm probably a fan for life) a bigger-sized phone is not that thrilling, after playing around with the new versions in the store, I didn't feel the goose bumps and butterflies you feel for a new love, it's basically my iPhone 4S—bigger. With the new OS update, I'm basically doing what I would be doing if I already had the new phone. I'm not a techie by the stretch of the imagination, but I've been using these gadgets for a while to know a true innovation when I see one.
Pssst: I'm getting the 6 plus (don't tell anyone).


July 15, 2012

My conversations with Siri.

I have been meaning to compose this post regarding my ongoing relationship with my little voice assistant.  It is taking quite some time, part of it because I don't routinely use Siri; we are often lost in translation that at crucial times, she's just not that handy (the voice dictation is even more accurate).  The time spent trying to correct misinterpreted words by Siri leaves us in a love-hate relationship.  I end up resorting to my old habits—the old fashioned but reliable manual keyboard input.  I am finally inspired to write this piece after reading a blog posted in the New York Times by Nick Bilton

June 15, 2012

It's coming! it's coming!!

Now what in the world am I talking about?

IOS 6 of course! This fall.
iOS 6, finally coming with much needed updates
Apple have finally revealed the details most iFans have been eagerly anticipating.  There are great new updates.

 For most of us iOS users, we have wished for a few things that we think would make our mobile devices just that much better.  I'm excited to anticipate the following updates:

March 30, 2012

My New iPad (part 5)

Today is an anniversary!  For what? You may ask.  Well it's been 2 weeks since I got my very own iPad 3rd Gen...LOL, "people usually have anniversaries after one year"...I know, I know just thought I celebrate anyway.
That's my Gadget!
 So how are we doing? I'll tell ya.

March 26, 2012

If you have a ton of Facebook friends you could be a Narcissist...

Are you a Facebook addict?
 A study conducted at Western Illinois University suggests that if:
  • You add friends you don't know and feel the need to update your profile every 10 minutes (the world must know when you decide to take a dump, how that "ish" smells, or what you had for breakfast...do you have 1000 FB friends and only know 150 of them?) 
  •  You tag yourself in other "friends" pictures.  
  •  You are constantly directing your FB friends to "sexy" pictures of yourself.  
  •  You are constantly validating your existence on the "About me" section.  
  •  You constantly promote yourself with no products or talent. 
  •  You feel the need to get constant feedback and be the center of attention. 
  •  You constantly use words such as: "I", "me" on your page.  
  •  You thrive on the attention you get on your page as you crave the need to feel good about yourself.  
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